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Fahrenheit Coaster

Business & Marketing Day Challenge

Plan. Execute. Win.

Hersheypark is going to unveil Hershey's Chocolatetown expansion this summer, 2020. With all of the new additions in 2020 we need to continue to raise the bar for 2021. To do this, we are counting on you.

We are challenging you to design a hypothetical attraction that would be featured in 2021 and present a Marketing Campaign to highlight this hypothetical attraction to a panel of judges. The hypothetical attraction should be less than 94 feet in diameter. The height must be less than 200 feet and there should be at least a 480 foot long queue line.

Your Marketing Campaign shall include the following:

  • Attraction name
  • Attraction concept
  • Logo
  • Create a social media post, including 3 hashtags to market this attraction
  • Create a website (landing page) to highlight this new attraction
  • 30 second radio spot

The maximum group size is 8 students. Presentations must be 5 minutes or less. Our panel of Hersheypark and Hershey Company leaders from various departments will select a winning group. Groups will be evaluated on the following: attraction name & concept, direct mailer/postcard, social media post, 30 second radio spot, originality, creativity, and presentation quality. The winning group will be awarded a team trophy and snack vouchers for all group members on the winning team.

Good luck to all participants and we look forward to hearing your Marketing Campaigns!

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