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Returns Friday, September 13th

The Terrifying Next Chapter

Dark Nights™ at Hersheypark Halloween™ returns Friday, September 13 with more haunting dates than ever before. For 25 days, including Halloween night, darkness will fall from coaster to coaster. All-new terrors will be introduced, and never-before-seen characters will find you whether you're ready or not. Beware, the creatures you know have scattered, multiplied, and taken over. Remember, the only thing more terrifying than the dark, is what lurks within.

All New Estate of Evil Logo

All-New! Estate of Evil

A charming new brownstone has officially hit the market. Wander through the 13 rooms of this spacious mansion and prepare to be captivated by the meticulous care the live-in waitstaff has taken to preserve the past. While exploring, envision yourself tending to the enchanting garden, entertaining inside the lively game room, and raising a glass inside the private wine cellar. But, be vigilant, or suffer the same fate as the previous owners.

stipendium peccati mors est

More Creatures, More Chaos, More Intensity. Stay Tuned For Details...

Haunted Coal Mine

Auntie Mortem’s Abattoir

Ethel Mortem, known as Auntie to the community, is a second generation meat processor running the family business with the help of her sinister nieces and nephews. Trucks keep coming to feed the machine but the bones tell a more sinister story. Farm to table has never been more gruesome when Auntie is planning the menu.

Haunted Coalmine Curse of the Tommyknocker

Haunted Coal Mine: Curse Of The Tommyknockers

It's not only the past miners that haunt these shafts but the evil Tommyknockers who must protect their gold by any means necessary.. You escaped their mines once before, but will you be so lucky this time.

Twisted Carnevil

Twisted Carnevil

The darkness of the tent was truly a never-ending carnevil of nightmares. The nightmare continues with venomous twists and turns that will hypnotize some and paralyze others.

The Descent Catacombs of Decay

The Descent: Catacombs Of Decay

The tunnels she once prowled are now hers to dwell in forever. Venture into the catacombs of decay to reveal what secrets remain buried in her past, present, and future. But, be careful that you don't become part of her collection.

3 Scare Zones

Fallout Zone

Fallout Zone

Rogue radioactive material has begun to emit an eerie green fog. Crews are scrubbing the midway to isolate, contain, and neutralize any threats. You may avoid the fallout but can you escape the madness from those within?

Midway of Misery

Midway of Misery

Misery loves company...The Decayed Brigade will welcome new sliders from the underworld and now have more corners to lurk in and ground to cover. Beware, for those who flock to the flames you never know who (or what) is waiting beyond the arch.

Darkstone's hollow

Darkstone’s Hollow

Ousted from his own show, Darkstone is now caged for all to see, while the showmen that hawked his traveling mythical collection now frantically seek shelter from the creatures that have claimed the hollow as their own.


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Dark Nights at Hersheypark Halloween returns September 13 - November 3! Join the Halloween team as a scare actor, specialty performer, Dark Nights attendant, Ride Operator, or Foods Team Member, and enjoy FREE admission to Hersheypark Halloween, FREE parking, an employee party, and so much more!

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