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This entertaining and educational show features our California sea lions and Atlantic harbor seals.

We will offer the following programs immediately following each Our Friends from the Sea show.

Fish Feeds are $10 for three fish. These can be divided among family members any way you like. If the animal selected is a sea lion, you would need to be able to throw the fish in the air and the animal will catch it. If the animal is a seal, you would need to be able to throw the fish into the pool where the animal will be able to eat it. Personal photos are permitted, but they will not be posed. Children must be at least two years old.

Behind the Splash photo opportunities are available for $27 (up to 5 people per photo). A Get The Picture representative will take your photo with one of our animal stars. The picture is available for pick up at their booth located in Founder's Way on your way out of the Park. You will not be permitted to take photos with your personal camera or phone. Any age child can participate as long as a responsible adult is in the photo with them. If you would prefer to have your child/children in the picture without an adult, they must be at least five years of age.

Combo Tickets are available for $35. The Combo includes one photo and one fish feed. Additional fish feeds can be added on for the price of $10.