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Guest Services

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For your safety and health, all Park visitors are required to wear shoes and shirts at all times. As a courtesy to others, modest dress is expected of all guests, and revealing or offensive clothes are not considered appropriate. Bikini tops, bikini bottoms, Speedo bikinis, thongs, and brief halter tops are not considered appropriate attire while in the Park.  Some language, gestures, and suggestive art on apparel may also be considered inappropriate. Hersheypark reserves the right to address these issues with all guests. 
While in The Boardwalk area, only appropriate swimwear is permitted on the attractions. Revealing bathing suits; shorts with rivets, snaps, zippers, and metal ornamentation; cutoffs; and jeans are not permitted. All eyeglasses must be secured with safety straps, and aqua shoes are not permitted on the body slides. Parents accompanying toddlers in the children's play area must also wear bathing suits. While in any of our water zone areas (including The Boardwalk and Tidal Force), swimsuits may be worn, but after completion of these rides, we ask that you change to more appropriate attire (i.e. shorts, shirt) prior to leaving this area.