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Volunteer Program

question icon What do I wear to volunteer?
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Everything our guests see contributes to his/her impression of our facility; therefore, we ask that all volunteers present a neat and clean image. Although volunteers are not required to wear a uniform, we require that our volunteer groups still maintain a consistent look. Please read below for Hershey Entertainment & Resorts volunteer group appearance guidelines.

Pants: Khaki, tan, navy or black depending on department, shorts, or Bermudas are acceptable. Rips, tears, or cargo pockets are not permitted. No jeans or capri pants.

Shirts: Park issued or solid white-colored polo shirt and a Temporary Identification pass (Temp ID) that is provided to each volunteer at the beginning of their shift. Aprons and hair nets will be provided for Food & Beverage volunteers.

Shoes: Comfortable footwear with covered toes and heels are required. High heels, clogs, and open-toed footwear (including sandals and flip flops) are not permitted.

If a volunteer wears anything that does not comply with our volunteer appearance policy, they will be asked to leave.