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Weather Policy

question icon What is your weather policy when there are high winds?
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The following rides MAY close given winds greater than 25 mph: Frontier Flyersâ„  and Kissing Tower.

The following rides may close with winds greater than 30 mph: Balloon Fliteâ„ ; Candymonium; Coastline Plunge; Cocoa Cruiser; East Coast Waterworks; Fahrenheit; Ferris Wheel; Hershey Triple Tower; Jolly Rancher Remix™; Merry Derry Dip® Fun Slides; Mix'd™ Flavored By Jolly Rancher; Sandcastle Cove ; Skyrush; Skyview; Sweet Swingâ„ ; Swing Thingâ„ ; Tea Cupsâ„ , and Tidal Force.

Winds greater than 35 mph may impact: Breaker’s Edge Water Coaster; Frog Hopperâ„ ; Music Express; Storm Runner; The Clawâ„ ; Whitecap Racer; and Wild Mouse.

At wind speeds greater than 40 mph, all remaining rides will close: Coal Cracker; Great Bear; Lightning Racer; Mini Pirateâ„ ; Trailblazer; Wave Swinger; Pirate, The Howlerâ„ , and Wildcat's Revengeâ„ .