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Weather Policy

question icon What is your weather policy when there is heavy precipitation?
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These rides MAY close: Bayside Pierâ„ ; Breakers Edgeâ„  Water Coaster; Candymonium; Coal Crackerâ„ ; Coastline Plunge; Cocoa Cruiserâ„ ; Cometâ„ ; East Coast Waterworksâ„ ; Fahrenheit®; Ferris Wheel; Great Bear®; Hershey Triple Towerâ„ ; Intercoastal Waterway; Jolly Rancher Remix™; Kissing Tower®; Lightning Racer®; Capital BlueCross Monorail; Sandcastle Cove; Shoreline Sprayground; Skyview; sooperdooperLooper®; The Shore; Tidal Force®; Trailblazerâ„ ; Whitecapâ„  Racer; and Wildcat's Revengeâ„ .