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question icon What steps do you take to avoid cross contamination during food preparation?
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Our staff is trained to handle our allergen friendly food options with the utmost care. When an order is placed for a specialty item, our staff will wash their hands, put on new gloves, and use all new utensils designated specifically for our specialty items.

question icon What kind of gloves does Hersheypark use?
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All of our concessions locations use vinyl gloves. No latex gloves are used.

question icon Can I bring EpiPens with me to Hersheypark?
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Yes. EpiPens are permitted. Hersheypark also has First Aid and Registered Nurses on site at all times.

question icon What should I avoid if I have a nut allergy?
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All of our locations fry in a zero trans fat vegetable oil except Chick-fil-A, which use peanut oil. Our dessert locations serve items that contain nuts or are prepared using shared facilities and equipment with items containing nuts.

question icon What should I avoid if I have a shellfish allergy?
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Shoreline Grill.