Breakers Edge Water Coaster

Ride Length 941.91 feet
Max Speed 20 feet per second
Ride Height 37 feet
Ride Time 1 minutes, 18 seconds

Breakers Edge Water Coaster Details

We combined everything you love about water attractions with a coaster experience to bring you Breakers Edge® Water Coaster inside The Boardwalk At Hersheypark® water park. Rocket through thrilling splash-filled hills, intense open-air FlyingSAUCER℠ turns, and high-speed tunnels. Riders accelerate on rafts through a dynamic course of drops, dives, and maximum g-force curves that re-define water thrill rides.

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Fast Track Available

Can't wait to ride our most popular attractions, including Breakers Edge Water Coaster? Purchase a Fast Track online or inside Hersheypark at a Guest Services location upon arrival and skip the lines on select attractions. Quantities are limited and sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.