ferris-wheel icon Breakers Edge Water Coaster

Coaster | Water Ride Moderate Thrill Ride

Max Speed 20 feet per second
Ride Height 37 feet
Ride Length 941.91 feet
Ride Time 1 minutes, 18 seconds

Breakers Edge Water Coaster Details

We combined everything you love about water attractions with a coaster experience to bring you Breakers Edge® Water Coaster inside The Boardwalk At Hersheypark® water park. Rocket through thrilling splash-filled hills, intense open-air FlyingSAUCER℠ turns, and high-speed tunnels. Riders accelerate on rafts through a dynamic course of drops, dives, and maximum g-force curves that re-define water thrill rides. PER CDC GUIDELINES, FACE MASKS SHOULD NOT BE WORN IN POOLS OR ON WATER RIDES. FACE MASKS OR SHIELDS SHOULD BE WORN AFTER ATTRACTION EXIT.

Attraction availability is subject to change. Operation of attractions is subject to weather conditions.