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Hershey's Triple Tower

Attraction and Shows availability is subject to change. Download the Hersheypark App to view ride wait times and availability during your visit.

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Kids riding Balloon Flite are Hersheypark
Balloon Flite More Info
Bayside Pier Water Attraction
Bayside Pier More Info
Breakers Edge Water Coaster at Hersheypark
Breakers Edge Water Coaster More Info
family taking a selfie with candymonium
Candymonium More Info
Carrousel at Hersheypark
Carrousel More Info
People enjoying the Coal Cracker ride at Hersheypark
Coal Cracker More Info
boy riding coastline plunge hydro water slide
Coastline Plunge - Hydro More Info
Coastline Plunge Pipeline water slide
Coastline Plunge - Pipeline More Info
Man riding Coastline Plunge Riptide water slide
Coastline Plunge - Riptide More Info
Two people riding Coastline Plunge Surge water slide
Coastline Plunge - Surge More Info
Girls riding Coastline Plunge Vortex water slide
Coastline Plunge - Vortex More Info
girls riding Coastline Plunge Whirlwind water attraction at Hersheypark
Coastline Plunge - Whirlwind More Info
People riding Cocoa Cruiser at Hersheypark
Cocoa Cruiser More Info
People riding The Comet Wooden Rollercoaster
Comet More Info
Children and Parents riding Convoy Children's Ride
Convoy More Info
Dizzy Drums Ride at Hersheypark
Dizzy Drums More Info
People riding on the Dry Gulch Railroad ride
Dry Gulch Railroad More Info
Family getting splashed at Eastcoast Water Works
East Coast Waterworks More Info
People riding Fahrenheit Rollercoaster
Fahrenheit More Info
People riding the Fender Bender ride at Hersheypark
Fender Bender presented by Geico More Info
Ferris Wheel at Hersheypark
Ferris Wheel More Info
Children riding the frog hopper ride looking excited
Frog Hopper More Info
frontier flyer ride
Frontier Flyers More Info
2 adorable littler girls riding the granny bug ride at Hersheypark
Granny Bugs More Info
The Great Bear roller coaster
Great Bear More Info
Child riding the Helicopters at Hersheypark
Helicopters presented by Penn State Health More Info
Hershey's Triple Tower
Hershey Triple Tower More Info
family floating in Intercoastal Waterway Lazy River
Intercoastal Waterway More Info
Kissing Tower with American Flag on the top
Kissing Tower More Info
Two women on Laff Trakk Coaster at Hersheypark
Laff Trakk More Info
People on Lightning Racer Wooden Roller Coaster
Lightning Racer More Info
Horses from the Livery Stables ride at Hersheypark
Livery Stables More Info
Mini Pirate Ride at Hersheypark
Mini Pirate More Info
the mini scrambler ride at Hersheypark
Mini Scrambler More Info
Mini-Himalaya Ride at Hersheypark
Mini-Himalaya More Info
Minty Bees ride at Hersheypark
Minty Bees More Info
Misfit Bug ride at Hersheypark
Misfit Bug More Info
The Monorail at Hersheypark with Capital Blue Cross Logo
Monorail More Info
music express ride at Hersheypark
Music Express More Info
people riding on the Pirate ride
Pirate More Info
pony parade ride at Hersheypark
Pony Parade More Info
Red Baron Ride at Hersheypark
Red Baron More Info
Family riding Reese's Cupfusion
Reese's Cupfusion More Info
Sandcastle Cove water attraction at Hersheypark
Sandcastle Cove More Info
Mom and Daughters on Scrambler Ride at Hersheypark
Scrambler More Info
girl getting splashed at shoreline sprayground water attraction
Shoreline Sprayground More Info
Sidewinder Rollercoaster at Hersheypark
Sidewinder More Info
Skyrush Rollercoaster at Hersheypark
Skyrush More Info
boys riding skyview ride
Skyview More Info
Sooper Dooper Looper Roller Coaster at Hersheypark
More Info
Child riding Space Age Ride at Hersheypark
Space Age More Info
Starship America Ride at Hersheypark
Starship America More Info
storm runner roller coaster at hersheypark
Storm Runner More Info
Children riding the Sweet Swing ride at Hersheypark
Sweet Swing More Info
Swing Thing ride at Hersheypark
Swing Thing More Info
Family riding Tea Cups Ride at Hersheypark
Tea Cups More Info
The Claw ride at Hersheypark
The Claw More Info
People riding The Howler Ride at Hersheypark
The Howler More Info
Beautiful View of People in the Shore Wave Pool at Hersheypark with Coasters in the Background
The Shore More Info
Large Wave of Water created by the Tidal force train hitting the water at the bottom of the hill
Tidal Force More Info
Tilt-a-whirl ride at Hersheypark
Tilt-A-Whirl More Info
Tiny Tracks ride
Tiny Tracks More Info
Children Smiling on Traffic Jam ride at Hersheypark as they pretend to drive a car
Traffic Jam More Info
People riding Trailblazer roller coaster at Hersheypark
Trailblazer More Info
Girl and Grandfather riding Twin Turnpike Classic Car
Twin Turnpike - Classic Cars presented by Sunoco More Info
Mom and daughter riding Twin Turnpike Speedway
Twin Turnpike - Speedway presented by Sunoco More Info
people riding wave swinger ride
Wave Swinger More Info
Whip Ride at Hersheypark
Whip More Info
Whitecap Racer Mat Racing Slide
Whitecap Racer More Info
Family Riding Wild Mouse Coaster with the Ferris Wheel in background
Wild Mouse More Info
wildcat wooden roller coaster
Wildcat More Info

Weather Policy

Attraction and Shows availability is subject to change. Attraction operation is weather permitting. Select attractions and roller coasters may close in the event of inclement weather conditions, such as cold temperatures, wind, rain, or snow. If inclement weather causes our major attractions to close for a continuous 60 minutes, a Return Visit Voucher may be issued. For more information on our weather policy. View More