Skyrush Roller Coast at Hersheypark

Coastline Plunge - Whirlwind

Two tubing riders accelerate through dark tunnel when the bottom drops out! Within split seconds riders are driven upwards into the upper hemisphere of the Whirlwind flume. Back-to-back "vertical" banks and beyond, the Riders are held on by the high Whirlwind centrifugal forces. Splash pool depth is 3.5 feet.

Attraction availability is subject to change. Operation of attractions is subject to weather conditions.

Ride Height Requirements

  • 60" & taller
  • 54" to 60"
  • 48" to 54"

Ride Rating - Aggressive Thrill Ride

5 - Aggressive Thrill Ride This is a high-speed experience. Riders will experience many unexpected, rapid changes in speed, direction, and/or elevation and requires rider full body control. This ride is not recommended for guests with physical, cognitive, and/or medical limitations.

Ride Type

  • Water Rides
  • Family Rides

Park Region

  • The Boardwalk

Seasons Open

  • Summer

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