Printer Friendly Coastline Plunge - Vortex

Coastline Plunge - Vortex


Riders accelerate down a steep 54" diameter tunnel and shoot into the large bowl feature. After multiple revolutions riders transition to the corkscrew center core exit and down the outrun chute to the landing pool below. Splash pool depth is 3.5 feet.

Ride Type
Ride Rating
High Thrill Ride High Thrill Ride - This is a fast-paced ride experience with unexpected changes in speed, direction, and/or elevation. This ride may contain significant twists, turns, bumps, spins, and loops, and requires rider full body control.
Height Requirements for this Ride
Jolly Rancher Brand - 60" and taller 60" & taller  
Twizzlers Brand - 54" to 60" 54" to 60"  
Hershey's Chocolate Bar Brand - 48" to 54" 48" to 54"  
Additional Restrictions

* Only appropriate swimwear is permitted on the attractions. Revealing bathing suits, shorts w/ rivets, snaps, zippers, metal ornamentation, cutoffs and jeans are not permitted.

* This ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size (height and/or weight). The weight of a rider may not exceed 250 pounds on a single person inner tube. The combined weight of the riders on a double inner tube may not exceed 400 pounds.

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