School Groups

School Groups

School Groups

Learning is FUNdamental at Hersheypark! Students will enjoy the hands-on experiences available across curriculums during our Education Days! Not able to visit on an Education Day? Utilize our Math, Science, or Physics Guides to customize a visit on the date of your choice.

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2016 Education Days

Presented by Lebanon Valley College.

Math Day - Friday, April 29

Calculate a variety of real-life, real-time equations within the Park using probabilities, percentages, problem-solving, and more. Download the Hersheypark Math Manual with NCTM standards for activities such as creating graphs, plots, and tessellations.

Physics Day - Friday, May 6

Hersheypark becomes a giant physics laboratory on this special day! Download our Physics Guide and apply the principles of physics to measure how force, energy, mass, and other concepts keep Hersheypark rides going up…and coming down! Download the Hersheypark Physics Manual.

Science Day – Friday, May 13

Using our Physical Science Guide, students will be challenged to measure, calculate, experience, and comprehend physical science concepts such as speed, energy, and force. Download the Hersheypark Science Manual.

Due to safety regulations, PASCO vests are no longer permitted on rides.

Business & Marketing Day – Friday, May 20

Business & Marketing experts from Hersheypark will give a presentation discussing a variety of business and marketing disciplines.

Entertaining Arts Day – Thursday, May 26

The spotlight shines on the award-winning shows at Hersheypark on Entertainment Day!

Health & Wellness Day – Friday, May 27

Spend a day of wellness and physical activity at Hersheypark! Students will start the day with an interactive and educational Health Fair as they work their way through our study guide on nutrition and well-being. Then, your group can purchase our healthy dining options and spend the rest of the day exploring 121 acres of fun. It’s a day focused on Hersheypark Happy and Hersheypark Healthy! Download the Hersheypark Wellness Manual.

Homeschool Month - May

Hersheypark invites homeschool families to enjoy a special admission discount during the month of May! Visit on one of our scheduled education days and participate in the fun and learning with other school groups. Open select days in May. Please refer to Summer Operating Calendar.

Other Educational Attractions

Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction - Free Admission!

Take the Hershey’s Great American Chocolate Tour Ride to see how chocolate is made.

Discount pricing available for your group on pre-purchased tickets for Hershey's Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4D Show.

The Hershey Story – The Museum On Chocolate Avenue

The Hershey Story's Museum Experience provides visitors with a guided journey through Milton S. Hershey's legacy. Learn about Mr. Hershey's entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropy to his realization of a town built on chocolate.

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