Hersheypark Fun Patch Activities

Make your visit to Hersheypark even more adventurous by participating in the Hersheypark Fun Patch Activities. Complete the activities below during your group visit to Hersheypark and when you return home, visit our website to complete 6 of the 10 questions in the Fun Patch Activity Questionnaire.

Submit your completed questionnaire online and we will send you one patch for each member of your group.

  1. At the Main Entrance, pick up a map of the rides, attractions, and areas of Hersheypark. Take note of each individual area of Hersheypark. Can you see what ride, attraction or theme was the focus of this area?
  2. Visit ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park. Admission is Free when you enter via Hersheypark. Walk through the 11-acre Wildlife Park and look at the many North American species that call ZooAmerica their home. What are your favorite animals?
  3. The town of Hershey is more than just chocolate and roller coasters. What other venues or attractions are available within the town of Hershey? Have you ever visited these other attractions?
  4. Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World, The Hershey Company Visitor Center. Take the similated tour ride, free for all guests. Can you remember the names of the three singing cows?
    **Remember to get your hand stamped when you exit Hersheypark.
  5. Hersheypark, Hershey’s Chocolate, and even the town of Hershey were founded by one business man. What area of Hersheypark is the statue located in? What was his name?
  6. One of our newer roller coasters at Hersheypark was built in 2008. It features many thrills including corkscrews and barrel rolls. The hottest thrill is the 121-foot vertical climb and an adrenalin-pumping, drop. Can you name this roller coaster? What is the angle of the famous degree drop?
  7. The town of Hershey is famous for its street lights, but the actual street names within Hershey are also related to Chocolate and Hershey. What shape are the street lights?
  8. Due to safety regulations, Hersheypark has designated a Hershey’s candy product to represent certain ride height categories. Measure up to the signs at Tudor Bridge to find your ride height category. What height category are you?
  9. Hersheypark is not only sweet in the Summer, but every season of the year. Hersheypark offers three other operational seasons, Fall, Winter, & Spring. Can you name the three seasonal events Hersheypark is open for?
  10. Hersheypark has a total of 10 thrilling roller coasters. Can you find the oldest and newest roller coaster?