Things to do — just for you

Check out the height categories for each person in your family to see what's fun for everyone at Hersheypark! Visit each category and learn more about the fun in store!

You're a Jolly Rancher!

As sweet as it gets! You've outgrown a few rides, but enjoy all the coasters and fun of the Boardwalk, our shows, and lots of great food and shops throughout the Park!

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You're a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar!

Over 60 rides & attractions including our Wildcat await, plus 10 entertaining shows perfect for this group, and so many fun games. Check out our Game Value Book for a great deal!

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You're a Hershey's Kiss!

Enjoy over 40 rides & attractions including the Trailblazer roller coaster, plus 11 locations for kids' meals perfect for smaller appetites, 7 winner-every-time games and 7 shows geared for this group!

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You're a Twizzlers!

Enjoy the thrills of all 12 coasters, and 15 water rides! Express your individual style with lots of apparel options! Make your own memories at the Studio H recording booth and the classic Old Tyme Photo shop.

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You're a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

What’s sweet in this category? How about over 50 rides & attractions including our classic Comet coaster, 10 kid-friendly dessert spots, and lots of racing games and games of skill!

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You're a Miniature!

Our smallest guests can enjoy over 30 rides & attractions in the Park and Boardwalk, & we have multiple locations for baby food, milk & juice!

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