Hersheypark Souvenirs & Merchandise

Want to take home a piece of Hershey The Sweetest Place On Earth? The retail shops at Hersheypark offer sweet souvenirs for the whole family! Leave something at home? Don’t sweat it, you can pick up everything from sunscreen to baby pacifiers at our retail locations.

Check out some of what we offer:

Merchandise: Hershey’s Branded Merchandise, Hersheypark Merchandise, Hershey’s Chocolate

Essentials: Cameras, Suncare, Diapers, Towels, Flip Flops & more!

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Let us capture every moment from your child’s first ride on SooperDooperLooper to your family portrait in front of the iconic carousel! Look for our roaming photographers.

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  Retailer Name Location Details
    Located outside main gate across from Hersheypark Place. Chocolate and more Chocolate. Everything you will need to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Stop on your way out and take home some Hershey's with you!
    Located outside main gate next to Dunkin Donuts. A collection of Hersheypark, Hershey's, and Hershey's Character merchandise.
    Located inside main gate on right side. A collection of Hershey's merchandise and candy.
    Located immediately inside main gate on the right side. Hersheypark merchandise for the entire family as well as Hershey Bears hockey merchandise.
    Located immediately inside the Hersheypark main gate on left side. A collection of unique merchandise featuring animals of North America
    Located next to Hospitality Services. A collection of necessity items as well as Hersheypark merchandise.
    Located next to Kettle Corn stand. A collection of hip, trendy merchandise.
    Located across from the Carrousel. A shop filled with everything your kids will want from Hersheypark.
    Located across from Craftbarn Kitchen. A shop filled with Hershey's Candy and treats.
    Located across from Craftbarn Kitchen. A unique shop filled with Hershey's Characters merchandise.
    A collection of sooperdooperLooper and Skyrush merchandise.
    A collection of unique merchandise featuring animals of North America.
    Located across from Fahrenheit. A collection of Hersheypark ride merchandise.
    Stop by as you exit Lightning Racer! A unique selection of discounted merchandise.
    View and purchase photos taken by a Hersheypark photographer at this location.
    Step back into history at Ashley Nostalgia's Antique Photorium! Dress up and get your photo taken in the finest costumes from a variety of old time eras from 1890's western cowboys to kings, queens, and pirates! Stop by! Our goal is - A good time, the perfect costume, a quality photo, but above all a Good Time!
    A collection of Christmas ornaments and home decor to commemorate your visit to Hershey
    A collection of handmade leather gifts
    Be the star and perform your own musical recording.
    Located near the Carrousel, guests can purchase Portraits, Carictures, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos and Hair Wrap.
    Airbrush, Henna, Caricatures, Hair Wrap, Face Painting and Glitter Tattoos