NEW in 2014

get excited for 2014!

There are five new additions to Hersheypark this year!

The Cocoa Cruiser is a family coaster located in Music Box Way. This helix-shaped memory machine will allow our younger guests to experience the thrill of a coaster for the first time! Guests can also enjoy two new family-friendly rides, Tea Cups and a Sweet Swing.

We know you’ll Say YES! to these delicious additions: Chickie’s & Pete’s, the legendary Philadelphia/South Jersey eatery known for their signature crabfries; and a frozen yogurt stand.

Family Coaster

cocoa cruiser

Take your child on their first coaster ride! Hershey’s Kisses height category can enjoy this exciting ride in Music Box Way right next to the GEICO Fender Bender.

Tea Cups

tea cups

Enjoy the classic family experience of the Tea Cups. Take a sweet spin on these cups of joy located in The Hollow.

Family Swing

SWEET swing

Take a ride on the sweetest swing ever! This ride can be found in The Hollow. It is sure to be a favorite with the Hershey’s Kisses height category!